My journey has taken me to some dark, painful places and my relationships have been some of the most challenging that I could have imagined. I have spent thousands of hours spread over more than a decade trying to figure it out and I believe I have created two systems that get results, not just for me, but for my many clients as well. To hear the full story, click on the image of the runner to listen to me tell my story.

There are many factors that influence what we believe are high quality relationships and sometimes there is more than meets the eye. Relationships have changed and adapted to societies changing attitudes but there are a number of factors that create a high quality relationship that have stayed standard throughout the years. Click on the picture of the couple cuddling to learn more.

A quality relationship begins long before you actually meet the person. If you have challenges in your current and past relationships and you haven't sorted them out, they will manifest again in your next relationship and the one after until you do deal with it. I had to work on me, long before anyone else. Click on the image of the runners to learn about the 'Soul Mate Fast Track' system that I created.

When you mention dating to people, they tend to think of getting rejected, struggling to have a conversation, and building up the courage to ask them on a date. Dating can be terrifying or it can be enjoyable and there is not a massive chasm between the two. Click on the couple dating to learn about the 'Better Dating Blueprint' that allowed me to talk to over 170 women in seven weeks with almost no rejection.

We know that there is someone out there who is right for us. It may feel sometimes like you'll never find them, but they are out there. What are the keys to finding them? Are there such things as soul mates? How do you know they live nearby? So many questions about finding love and seemingly so few questions. Click on the image of the people walking to find out how you can find the right one for you.