Is There A Man Drought In Your City?

Recently, I came across an article that talked about a ‘man drought.’ I thought that this was an interesting and intriguing thought, so I decided to have a read. Like all articles, the actual headline that pulled you in was eventually based off one piece of information and no real evidence. The one piece of information was provided by the census and is as follows;

There are 1.3 million single women aged 25-34 living in Australia. In the same age bracket, however, there are only 86,000 single, heterosexual, well-off or “eligible” men earning above $60,000 a year, he said.”

What I find intriguing and what I actually have my first beef with, is that it implies that single eligible women outnumber men by 15:1. I mean seriously. If women really outnumbered by that figure, who are all the men hooked up with.

I have heard that people believe that Perth is in a ‘man drought’ and I have also heard it said about Queensland. The problem I have is, that when I go out socialising, I meet lots of men and women, all of whom are single, and are actually wanting a relationship and want to love and be loved. As far as I can tell, they are not psychotic, they have no major disfigurements, they are not wanted for major crimes and seem to be, for the most part, employed, reasonable, and worth loving.

What I think the problem is, is that people keep trying to match up with the wrong people and when they match up with the wrong people again and again, they make it the fault of the person that they are talking to. This is totally wrong thinking. If you are picking the wrong people, YOU are picking the wrong people. It isn’t their fault at all, they are just being them.

My second beef, is that it gives people what they feel is a legitimate excuse as to why they are single and can’t find someone. Rather than tell the truth and say that they are just too lazy or scared to just take a risk and talk to someone, then they will always fall back on the ‘man / woman shortage.’

There is no shortage of men or women, the same as there is no shortage of sand, poor drivers, and inaccurate weather predictions. There are the same amount of available men and women, if not more than there was years ago. It may well be that people are less inclined to go out as they were years ago, what with restricted trading hours, lock out rules, the occasional idiot who gets agro, and rising drink costs. What is really important, is that you get clear on who you should be with, know why you should be with them (and not someone else) and then go out and find them with some sort of plan.

There is no man-drought or woman-drought, there is a drought of people putting in actual effort, creating worthwhile conversation, tasking a risk and walking up to someone and asking for a date (even if it’s just to enjoy a coffee with someone).

Sure, it’s scary. I’ve been there and risked rejection and embarrassment, as well as feeling my self-esteem get battered. But, having said that, I got off my butt, took a risk, spoke to over 170 women in 7 weeks and met my wife. Was it easy? No. Most things that are worth fighting for was hard to get. Was it scary? You betcha’ ass it was. The first night out, I didn’t talk to anyone. The second night I spoke to one lady. The thing is, I started. I took a risk, used my plan and got a result.

Repeat after me; “There is no man drought,” “There is no woman drought,” “I just need to know that I’m looking for,” “I just need to talk to people,” and it’s as simple as that. Make the effort, because you are worth it and you deserve to be loved the way you want to be loved.

Of course, it does help if you have a solid plan for finding your partner.

If you would like to know how to get a plan that works, check out our website or contact me at and we can see if a workshop fits you or something else that will help you get a plan.