Why You Keep Attracting The Wrong People

We all know someone like this, heck, it could even be us.

Every person they choose to go out with is the same level of angry, jealous, crazy, controlling, aggressive or whatever the trait is.

Why does this seem to happen again and again and again, despite them saying they don’t want it?

You see, I used to be like that, the women that I attracted all seemed to be angry when I first met them or they turned angry after a only a year or so. I used to wonder why that was, and eventually I found it.

Of course, I didn’t discover it straight away. I had to go through years of anger and frustration and yelling and accusing and blaming. After eleven years actually, I walked away and thought to myself, I am never doing that again. Of course, I may have said that consciously, but the one thing that I had learnt was that my subconscious was far more powerful than my conscious mind, and I would more than likely do that again. I had to break out of that habit.

Thankfully, I was working at the time with a great bunch of guys and meeting regularly to work on ourselves. During one particular night I had a lot of emotional charge over something that my ex had done, and I was ropable. I had never felt so emotionally charged and ready to do damage to someone, especially my ex.

My mate, who was a natural at guiding people through the stuff that we were doing, had me stand and took me through a process that at the start had me feeling pretty pissed off and thinking that my ex was the most bitter, vengeful, jealous, angry woman on the planet. Once he took me through the process, and I received the ‘gift’ that my ex was trying to give me over eleven years, I realised that I had made both of our lives together pretty miserable because I either couldn’t, wouldn’t or refused to receive the gift she was trying to give me. Once I got it though, my perception of her moved from what I thought was bloody horrible to realising she was close to the best thing that had ever happened to me. Once I had the realisation of her ‘gift’ the anger that had been weighing me down for years, lifted instantaneously, I felt lighter and happier than I had in a long time.

Since that day, I don’t feel as angry or frustrated, because I not only understand my emotions better, I realise that every situation and every person brings a ‘gift’ that challenges me to become a better person than I was yesterday. In fact fights with my wife involve no yelling and most of the work takes place internally as I understand the process now and can complete it inside saving both of us a lot of frustration.

When you are faced with a situation that is getting the better of you or someone is really pushing your buttons, know this. They are all in your life because if you get the ‘gift’ that they bring, you can become a better version of you really quickly. Your emotions will be more under control and people will struggle to get the better of you. You will become more of who you already are and you will become more likely to attract a better quality partner because you are a better quality partner.

Get curious as why you attract who you do and become who you were meant to be. They can be the greatest thing to happen to you or the worst and best of all, you have the choice as to which they will be.