I was asked “How do I find the best lady on earth?”

I was recently asked by someone I was talking to “How do I meet the best lady on earth?” This is how I responded;


I’m afraid that won’t be possible, as I’ve already got her.

Oh, you mean find the best lady for you, my mistake.

A lot of people believe that there are soul mates on this earth, or “the one”, or their perfect partner. It’s a load of codswallop. The chances of there being one and only one person, who just happens to live in the same country and the same town as you is ludicrous.

What is highly likely and far more probable is that you understand that there are a small percentage of women in your vicinity that have enough things in common with you, as well as things that are complementing and even have the right things that conflict, that are a great match for you. If you also understand how to create a high quality relationship that has respect, trust, support, honesty, security, accountability (the list goes on for a while here) then you could have also found the best lady on earth.

This is something that should be possible and likely for everyone, if we can get past our limiting beliefs, self-sabotage patterns and our fears.

Now, to answer your question. The best way to find the best lady on earth (for you) is to become the best version of you that deserves to have a lady of that quality. This is something that I realised about myself, so I became the best version of me and attracted, kept and married (for me) the best lady on earth, with whom I have a fantastic relationship. If you become the best version of you, then it is far more likely that you will get a result that you are very happy with.

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I hope this helps you find her as I have found her.



You see, we all deserve to be loved and that should be with someone with whom we are suited. Use the above links if you want to know how