You Have Permission, So Do It!

There are many things that we want to achieve in life and for a lot of people there seems to be something holding them back. I know that I have certainly had this challenge.

Whether it’s fitness, a relationship, career or something else, it seems we are waiting for someone to say it’s okay to win.

The world seems to focus on and excel at holding us back and sometimes it seems to make sense. That of course is a load of rubbish. You were designed to achieve, you were designed to win, you were destined to leave a legacy and make an impact.

Because of what you are capable of achieving, and knowing that I believe in you and what you can achieve, I give you permission.

I give you permission to love and be loved

I give you permission to connect and be connected with

I give you permission to be healthy and to inspire others to health

I give you permission to create a legacy and inspire others to create a legacy

I give you permission to be an effective, loving parent so you can raise effective, loving parents

I give you permission to chase your dreams, so you can give permission to others to chase their dream.

I give you permission to give yourself permission to be all that you can be so that others can know that they can do the same.

The world is waiting for you, take the permission and do it.

Grow into all that you can be, you have been granted permission by the person most capable of that… YOU!