About Us

Better Dating Academy had been percolating in the heart of Wayne Brown for well over a decade. He had been subjected to the pain and loss of two marriages ending in divorce, the loss of full-time access to his two sons, and a lot of emotional pain and suffering, as well as a considerable financial loss.

He knew that there was an easier way and it took those two divorces as well as thousands of hours of study, the investment or tens of thousands of dollars and a considerable amount of experimenting, and trial and error to finally get it right. He is now married to a woman with whom he feels fits his relationship goals and beliefs.

How did the do it?

He took everything that he had learned, and whittled it down to the stuff that was really good, added his own insight, experience and wisdom to create two systems.

First came, the 'Soul Mate Fast Track' which he had designed to help him deal with his past relationships so that they were no longer a burden, understand how he and others operate in this world, discover what makes him a great partner, and what is required to create a high quality relationship. He applied that system and realised after a while that there was more needed, so instead of revising the system, he created a supplement to it, as an aid to speed it up. He created the 'Better Dating Blueprint.' This allowed him to 'pre-date' a lot of women to see who was 'qualified' to date him and in seven weeks spoke to over 170 women and found his future wife. He now helps others do the same.

How does he do that?

Using workshops and one-on-one coaching, he leads people through the journey that took him 16 years to master, so they could achieve similar results. People have different expectations and goals and the systems are modified to suit each person and have at their forefront, a desire to help that person achieve it without sacrificing who they are or forcing them to change and be something they are not.

We have a goal of helping 100,000 people ultimately be in a high quality relationship so they can be loved the way they want to be, by the person who is right for them, allowing them to be the best version of themselves they can be.