Better Dating Academy Podcasts

On this page, you will find all the episodes of our three lots of podcasts.

On the left is our short 'Love Bites' podcast that is in small 'bite-size' five minute chunks for a quick shot. There are all sorts of subject matter covered.

In the centre is our longer information or interview podcasts that can be from 15 minutes and upwards. There is all sorts of subjects covered ranging from dating, through to relationships and touching on health, finances, parenting, money and more.

On the right are summaries of our Instagram video series where there are top ten tips covering the journey from preparing to date, through dating, all the way to high quality relationships. There are well over one hundred tips to help you on the journey.

You can listen from our page, check out our podcast page by clicking HERE, download to listen on the go, share with your friends and family, share with everyone, whatever you want to do.