The 7 Day Dating Challenge

The 7 Day Dating Challenge is a FREE online course we have created.

Why did we create it?

Because we saw so many people out there struggling with their dating. Not just their dating, but approaching people and having a conversation with them, being confident, engaging the people, and getting a date without being rejected. They were struggling with all of these things and more and we realised that it didn't have to be this way, so we developed The 7 Day Dating Challenge.

What do you get with the course?

  • The online course for The 7 Day Dating Challenge, which includes daily instructional videos and worksheets
  • Membership to the Private Facebook group based in your city for more information, support, accountability, and encouragement so you can get results
  • Access to social groups where you can practice your new skills and get more confident with your dating
  • Weekly webinars and Q&A sessions so you can make real progress with your dating so you can get into a relationship
  • Opportunity to turbo-charge your results any time with a range of tools so that you can date when you want and move into a high-quality relationship when you are ready

What can you expect to get out of the course in only 7 days?

  • You will understand how to approach someone regardless of whether you are male or female and build your confidence
  • You will be able to have a conversation that is engaging and enjoyable for both of you, or more if you are ambitious
  • You will be able to ask them on a date with minimal chance of rejection
  • You'll know where to take them for your date, how to structure and enjoy it and have them want to have another date
  • Have a support network that will help you keep going so you can have the result that you want

Now, will this be an easy thing to do?

Probably not. It will require you to get out of your comfort zone, learn some new skills, apply the new skills regularly to build proficiency and keep going.

It will take you through a range of emotions and situations, but applying the information you learn will make it easier to navigate and not as overwhelming as it has been. All the information is there, you just need to learn it, apply it and keep practicing and then it will just click.

The best thing is that the course is FREE and you can complete it as many times as you want, drag it out to a fortnight or smash it out in two days, it's up to you. Just enter your details below and we will send you an email with the link to complete The 7 Day Dating Challenge online course and to join the private Facebook group that is running in your city as well as access to heaps of social groups for you to practice with.

Then it's full steam ahead. Just enter your details below and you are on your way