How I Finally Figured Out How To Make Love Work!

Dating and relationships were something that were an enigma to me when I was younger. Women were intimidating to talk to and having a relationship seemed to be a complete mystery to get to work.

Because of this, I married in my mid-twenties with very little understanding of relationships with a woman who I thought I would be with for the rest of my life. We had two handsome sons and after four years of marriage, she ended it.

I was devastated. In one fell swoop I lost my marriage, my wife, my role as a full-time (very hands-on) father and daily access to my sons. I didn't know what to do and for a while, I was in a very dark place as I tried to make sense of it all. For a long time I thought that there must be something wrong with me. I beat myself up and managed to undermine my self-esteem and the only emotion I seemed to have easy access to was my anger.

Eventually, I went to a talk delivered by Jim Rohn and he spoke about stopping the mentality of being a victim and blaming everyone for what was 'wrong' in my life and start accepting responsibility for where my life was and where it was headed. It took some time to really grasp that mindset but when I did, I started learning all I could about relationships, psychology, human dynamics, communication, health, and I read hundreds of books, listened to and watched thousands of hours of CD's and DVD's and I spent tens of thousands on the books, CD's, DVD's, courses, and travel to do the courses.

Eventually I met someone new and thought this relationship would be better because I had learnt all this great information. Alas that was not the case. It turned out to be a very toxic relationship for both of us. Amazingly I persisted in that relationship for eleven years and the last three as husband and wife. After eleven years I had had enough, so I walked out.

As I sat in my new house, I wondered how it could have gone wrong after learning all that I had learnt. I then realised that the information had degrees of efficiency and validity. Some of the information was good, some was confusing, some contradictory, some plain silly and the occasional nugget was absolutely gold. I then went and sifted through all of my notes and found the gold nuggets. I then put them into a sequence and that created the "Soul Mate Fast Track" and helped me deal with my past and future. After a while of applying it, I realised that there were inherent problems with the system and I needed to create the second system to fill the problems and I came up with the "Better Dating Blueprint." Using these two systems I now have the relationship that I have always needed when I used to look for the relationship that I wanted. I now know there is a significant difference between the two drivers of a relationship.

After a while I realised that this would probably work for other people, so I started coaching people and have had people marry, be in their ideal relationship, rediscover themselves, feel happier and more focused, their results varied as their journeys varied.

I now help people get the result they are after and become better with their dating so they can be in their ideal relationship.

Watch the video above to find out how I learnt all that I know and how I help others.

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  • The 'Soul Mate Fast Track' System Cheat Sheet
    The 'Soul Mate Fast Track' System Cheat Sheet

    An explanation of the six stages of the 'Soul Mate Fast Track' system and description of what is involved at each stage. This cheat sheet allows you to see how you can find your 'soul mate' faster and have the better quality relationship than you have always dreamed of and that you knew you deserved.

  • The 'Better Dating Blueprint' System Cheat Sheet
    The 'Better Dating Blueprint' System Cheat Sheet

    An explanation of the five stages of the 'Better Dating Blueprint' system and a description of what is involved at each stage. This cheat sheet will show you how you can quickly and effectively 'pre-date' people to 'qualify' them to go on a date with you. This system saves you time, effort, money and most of all, emotions invested in relationships that are not right for you.

  • The '2 1/2 Day Dating And Relationship Workshop' Cheat Sheet
    The '2 1/2 Day Dating And Relationship Workshop' Cheat Sheet

    A breakdown of the '2 1/2 Day Dating And Relationship' Workshop and what is involved with each of the sections. The workshop is designed to guide you through making sense of your past relationships, discovering what makes you a perfect partner for the right person, working out who you should be with and why, creating the relationship you've always dreamed of having that is easier than you thought possible. You also learn how to go out there and find them quickly and easily using the 'Better Dating Blueprint.' It is a fully self-contained journey delivered all in one weekend.

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