What Does It Take To Find The Right One For You?

When we go out looking for someone who we can love and be loved by, there are some things to remember.

Around 65% of people we talk to are not a match for us in any way, shape or form as a partner. These are people with whom we struggle to find common ground, similar views or beliefs and conversation is a challenge. These are people with whom we just say "Thanks. I enjoyed meeting you. Have a great day/night. Take care." You then move on to the next.

Around 30% of people are a good match with our views, senses of humour, intellect, hobbies, beliefs, attitudes etc. These are people with whom we can be good friends for the night/day or longer. They can be wing men/women, they can be part of our support network, they can give us connection for the moment or as long as we choose.

Around 5% of people, we will be a great match for, and these are the people we focus on finding as, once we know and understand some things about relationships, we can build great intimacy and connection with them. Unfortunately though, approximately half of these people won't agree that you are a match for them and will not want to take it further.

That means that there is a pool of people out there that is around 2-3% of the available population that you can have a great relationship with and it is just a matter of knowing exactly what you are looking for and how to effectively find them.

Ultimately, the dating is the easy part. It is the dealing with the past, designing the future and having clarity in the now that allows you to be in a high quality relationship that has intimacy and connection. Go for it! You deserve it.

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